Strategic projects

In addition to annual calls for project funding, RE:Source also finances strategic projects, which are knowledge-oriented and program-supporting. The projects can be initiated by both external actors and RE:Source's organization.

What is a strategic project?

  • Is program-wide, of a strategic nature and has a broad perspective.
  • Benefits many actors in the field, but can be carried out by a smaller number of actors.
  • Supports RE:Source impact logic to achieve program goals.
  • Strengthens innovation infrastructure rather than specific companies.
  • Has been developed in a transparent process.
  • Has a constellation of actors that is relevant to the project, preferably a connection of new collaboration partners.

How does a strategic project come about?

Ideas can be initiated by both external actors and by RE:Source’s organisation.

  • Actors identify needs and contact the program management.
  • The program management and the program board take a position on the proposal.
  • The final decision on the design of the project is then made by the Energy Agency.
  • RE:Source then searches for suitable executors of the project.
  • The board makes decisions about executors.

Reporting for strategic projects

The requirement for reporting differs somewhat between projects within a regular call for tenders and strategic projects. What applies is clear from the decision that has been sent to the project manager. All reports are sent to and reviewed by RE:Source, which then forwards them to the Swedish Energy Agency for approval. All reports from strategic projects are sent digitally to

Reporting at the end of the project

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