Project financing

Do you have an idea with the potential to contribute to more sustainable resource use and a more circular economy? Then you can apply for project financing at RE:Source.

Complex challenges require a wide variety of solutions. We therefore welcome a wide range of projects from different industries, types of constellations and solutions. RE:Source finances projects that develop financially viable solutions and contribute to more sustainable resource use and a more circular economy. By resources we mean physical resources such as materials, components, products, buildings, infrastructure, food and more.

RE:Source finances two different types of projects:

Open call projects

Most projects are funded through our annual open calls. Applicants are required to read the call text and submit a project proposal answering to the instructions given. The calls usually open in November/December and close in February/March. These projects range from small pre-studys to larger innovation projects where solutions are developed and tested in a real life environment.

Strategic projects

Primarly aims to produce knowledge and usually have a system perspective. These projects ensure that RE:Source strategy is aligned with the fast pace development of the world and contribute to producing solutions that are actually in demand and can have an effect on the resource use.

Who can apply?

All types of research and innovation projects or demonstration projects are welcomed. Feasibility studies, i.e. evaluation and analysis of potential for an intended project, can also receive support.

All organizations that can contribute to more sustainable resource use and a more circular economy can apply. For example:

  • Business
  • Research Institute
  • Universities and colleges
  • Public sector or other organisations

We particularly encourage project constellations in which the needs owner/s are included.

When can I apply?

RE:Sources open call projects are announced annualy. The call for 2022 has closed, the open call for 2023 will be announced at the end of 2022.

Proposals for strategic projects are received on an ongoing basis by the program office.

Previous open calls

If you have questions, please contact:

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