Efficient remanufacturing of furniture used in public environments (RE:Furn)

Circular business models and remanufacturing extend the lifetime of products, product components and materials and thus contribute to sustainable resource use and reduced climate impact. The demand for remanufactured furniture is increasing from customers in the public sector and although the producer companies see remanufacturing as an important issue, they do not currently have effective production strategies to meet this demand. The main purpose of the project is therefore to increase knowledge about circular economy and remanufacturing of furniture in the Swedish public sector and furniture industry. Through dialog with actors in the value chain, production strategy concepts are developed for efficient remanufacturing of furniture in public environments. We also develop concrete technical and organizational solutions that are tested in case studies. The results will be used by participating organizations to achieve the process changes needed for efficient remanufacturing and circular procurement.


Project manager
Mirka Kans
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola Aktiebolag
Project time
2023-09-01 to 2026-08-31
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Mirka Kans

project manager, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola