Digital twins for sustainable recycling plants – feasibility study

The feasibility study aims at clarifying the feasibility and potential benefits of a larger project for developing and evaluating in practice digital twins for recycling plants in general and organic waste treatment in particular. In addition, conditions for a “standard process” for creating and implementing digital twins in recycling plants will be investigated to obtain a clear picture of the real potential for digital twins in the recycling sector. The study will also investigate if and under what conditions digital twins of recycling plants can contribute to advantages such as increased productivity, recycling rate, quality and value of processed flows, traceability and in reporting to authorities and customers as well as an improved working environment. The study is carried out by ReSpace, a supplier of digital services for the circular economy, the recycling company Ragn-Sells, and Chalmers Industriteknik, which works with research & innovation within circular economy.

Digitalisering Recycling

Project manager
Mats Larsson
Respace AB
Project time
2022-08-22 to 2023-04-30


Mats Larson

project manager, Respace AB